5 Tools Everyone In The Window Industry Should Be Using

The window installation profession is a combination of two different industries that merged together. It is the result of the synergetic relationship between building construction and glass making. Although the glass industry began to take shape in the 19th century, large industrial strength, storm proof windows only became available in the late 20th century.

During this time, the window industry was revolutionized because of the growing spotlight of urbanization and the increased demand for higher quality windows. In light of this revolution, new equipment, and modern technology was also introduced.

Nonetheless, the reason for failure for most window industry driven entrepreneurs is the lack of modern technology. In this article, we take a look at some of this modern technology – a must for brick and mortar window manufacturing titans and a necessary start for entrepreneurs looking to enter into this lucrative industry.

1. Single Profile Lamination Machine:

This machine introduced by FUX makes it possible to laminate one single profile in the first run. Single profile lamination machines craft the window in any color desired. This machine is easy to set up, can be run for long periods of time and can also be used by a single worker.

2. Karcher WV2 Vacuum:

One of the best and the quietest vacuums in the market today is the Karcher WV2 Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning windows, removing all the dust and dirt particles, without putting any scratches on the windows. The Karcher WV2 Vacuum’s customized features also make this vacuum cleaner one of the best options for window cleaning businesses.

3. Window Trigger Spray Mop:

One of the most important things a window cleaning industry expert needs is a ladder to clean high windows. However, if you have an alternative, which can help you clean out-of-reach windows, easily and efficiently, would it not be more suitable? The Window Trigger Spray Mop helps in reaching higher windows, and cleaning them efficiently, without having to set up a ladder every time.

4. H2O HD Steam Cleaner:

If you are running a steam cleaning business, one of the most important things you’ll need is a steam cleaner. The H2O HD Steam Cleaner is a versatile steam cleaner which has a removable and smaller handheld shoulder attachments. This device can be used to clean upholstery and windows, without any chemical aftereffects.

5. Makita Deltagon Drill Bits:

The latest Makita Deltagon drill bit has three cutting edges, rather than the traditional two-edged bits. These help in making more accurate holes in any type of material, including wood and glass, making it perfect for frames and windows. Moreover, this drill bit helps in providing more stability to the professional, who is using this for holes in windows, without damaging the surrounding area.

The above-mentioned list of tools are important for every small-scale business, entrepreneurs that are just starting and even multinational corporations looking to pivot into a new space. When it comes to running a window driven business in this competitive market make sure you have these tools, or similar versions available in your inventory.

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