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Advantages of Vitamin Injections over Oral Supplements

Years ago, a trusted consumer watchdog company performed a thorough analysis that looked into the purity and potency of at least 1,600 oral supplements. Of all the products that underwent testing, one-fourth were found to be either sub potent and/or contaminated. Because the FDA is has no responsibility over oral vitamin supplements, manufacturers are left on their own as to the quality of such products. Vitamin Injections, on the other hand, have ingredients that satisfy the most stringent verification requirements of the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP-NF).

The following are the exact advantages offered by vitamin injections:

Greater Absorption Efficiency and Bioavailability

Oral supplements first have to be broken down by the digestive system and absorbed by the body’s tissues before their effects begin. Moreover, when the quality of the nutrients is low and the supplements are made with cheap fillers, the bio-availability (the portion of the supplement that is actually beneficial to the body) of the supplements is decreased, intestinal absorption is dramatically reduced, and incalculable levels of the active ingredients manage to reach the bloodstream. Vitamin Injections, however, deliver the nutrients straight into the body’s tissues, promising total – as in 100% – absorption and on-the-spot utilization of the active ingredients.

Requires No First-Pass Metabolism

After they are absorbed into the digestive system, oral supplements are metabolized by gastrointestinal tissues and the liver before being released into the blood so they could be distributed around the body. This is called first-pass metabolism, and it greatly lessens the amount of active ingredients that the body can actually use. In contrast, vitamin injections do not get the first-pass effect because they go straight into the blood and systemic circulation.

Rapid Effects

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, oral supplements have to go through an entire process before getting into the bloodstream, and this can take hours before the active ingredients start to act on the target tissues. Compared to the oral route, injectable vitamin supplements can correct dietary deficiencies drastically faster.

Less Frequent Dosing

With their low bioavailability and the thorough metabolic process they have to undergo, oral supplements are usually prescribed in more frequent doses to make them effective. Since they do not have to go through the same process, vitamin injections are absorbed completely, which means the concentration of nutrients reaching the tissues is greater. As well, intramuscular injections have a depot effect, where which the supplements’ active ingredients are released slowly but steadily within a period of time. This is why vitamin injections need less frequent dosing compared to oral supplements.

In Summary

As opposed to oral dietary supplements, vitamin injections have the highest quality ingredients at the right potencies and without without contaminants or fillers. Following administration, their active ingredients are automatically and fully absorbed by the bloodstream and into the tissues, immediately correcting nutritional deficiencies. And with the depot effect and the greater amount of nutrients reaching target tissues, vitamin injections are prescribed in less frequent doses.

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