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Guide to Flea Control In Dogs

Doing flea treatment both inside and outside your home is the most effective way of controlling fleas in your pets. This is why flea control for dogs is seen as an aggressive process. You need to daily vacuum the place where your dog lies and this include under your furniture, the bottom of drapes and its sleeping area. When you remove you vacuum bags, seal them inside a plastic bag and put it out in the trash can. You should regularly vacuum the wholes but for the places where the dog loves to stay, it is necessary to vacuum it daily. When you are using cleaning products in the form of powders, sprays, and foggers, larvae eggs and fleas can be killed. Every week, your dog’s beddings need to be washed and treated with flea spray. Include everything like your car, pet crate, garage and the places where your pet loves to stay.

What is amazing about fleas is that they can go without food for several days. The live to stay in places which are organic and shaded. They also make leaves lying in the garden a possible nesting place. Make sure to take out all the debris in our garden and treat the places where your dog spends time outside. You can treat your yard with environmentally friendly products.

Dog treatment is as important as treating your house surroundings. There are many forms of dog flea treatment. There are treatments that you apply behind the dog’s head that can kill fleas. Dogs cannot lick this part of their bodies. This will help the solution to work. If the fleas make contact with the solution then it will kill them instantly. Flea sprays can be applied directly on the fur of the dog. You only need to lightly spray its fur in a well ventilated place. The whole body should be sprayed but not including the face. Use cotton balls to apply the spray to your dog’s face and don’t hit its eyes.

The dog should be fully immersed in a flea dip if you are using this method of flea treatment. Instructions should be carefully followed. There are pet owners who take their dogs to the vet for dips. If you use dog shampoo, then you can eliminate most live fleas. Don’t rinse the shampoo immediately, but let it stay for a few minutes. If you are going to use flea collars, the dog should wear it a bit loosely. Cut off any excess to the collar.

Doing flea control needs diligence and consistency. Consult with your vet if your flea treatments have not been successful in treating the flea problem in your dog.

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