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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Digital Magazine Publisher.

People can now read magazines and newspapers on the internet. It is true to say that this is a huge improvement compared to what was happening in the past. Just like the hard copy magazines, even the ones run online will need you to get a publisher. Given the number of people offering the services, it is very hard for people who do not know how to make a choice to make the right one. The factors your prioritize will depend on your needs which is why you should set them before you start working on getting a publisher. Given that your clients’ will be checking the magazines on various electronic devices it is important that you ensure the platform is able to give you a responsive one. Not everybody will go to the nearest computer in order to check online content which means they should be able to get great quality content and display on their phones.

Everything is better when converted into a mobile application. First, ensure the digital magazine publisher is capable of turning your magazine into an app. Many of these apps are very expensive but you should be able to get someone who can do this without milking you of every cent you have in the bank. If you want the work to be done fast, you can visit the popular application marketplaces where they are already built mobile applications that you can take advantage of. Mobile apps are a very big deal for any company in terms of identity just like social media handles and websites. The apps give you a new channel to reach out to your potential and loyal customers and increase your revenue.

Understand the mode of payment as well as the rates before you sign the contract. Some publishers will ask for a certain percentage of the amount of money you make from your digital magazine while others will demand that you pay a flat monthly fee in spite of the amount of money you’ll be making. Analyse the benefits and demerits of each before you decide on what you want to go with. It is less likely that you are going to start making a lot of money immediately you publish your magazine which is why when you are starting you can settle for revenue sharing model at least until your business get off its feet to reduce expenses. However, this is not a must and if you feel like fixed monthly charges are the better choice then it should be the way to go.

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